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Hello, I am Keith. I am currently based in Budapest, Hungary.   

Exploring Europe as a Digital Nomad 

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About Keith 

 Experienced & passionate IT professional who is consistently recognized for technical expertise

 A digital nomad and travel enthusiast, on a journey through Europe from the shores of Lake Balaton, Hungary. With a laptop in tow and a passion for exploring new cultures,  I am living the dream of remote work and location independence. Experiencing the beauty of Europe from picturesque Hungarian villages to the bustling streets of Budapest, all while working remotely.     

 Proficient in a wide range of tools, languages & best-practice methodologies. 

 Genuine soft skill reflective of a positive and enthusiastic attitude.

My Skills

Technical Presales, Cloud, IT Help Desk 

Information Technology    90%
Cloud Engineering  70%
Technical Sales Engineering  80%

 Sales Engineering

I am an Experienced Technical Sales Engineer. POCs,RFP,RFQ

Cloud Strategy

         Certified Cloud Associate with hands on                    experience                    .

Help Desk 

Seasoned Problem Solver -  Help Desk & System Administrator 


Intermediate Experience with Terraform, Ansible Python,Java 


My Experiences

Previous companies and my tasks

Graphic Designer 2014 Jul - 2015 Sep

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Web Designer 2015 Oct - 2017 Jan

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My Education

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University Of The People 2015 Jan

Computer Science- Ongoing studies 

Associate of Arts 2004 May

40 hrs of course work

Good With People & Technology 

Seasoned Experience in troubleshooting and driving technical issues to resolution 

Say hello..

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 ‪(512) 763-7164‬